Safety Rating Upgrades

            A less than “Satisfactory” safety fitness rating can be devastating for your business.  Many shippers and brokers will not hire trucking companies with a “Conditional” safety rating and you will be left to haul only the cheapest paying freight.  While your profit margins decrease, your operating costs increase as your insurance premiums rise and your trucks are targeted for more inspections.  CTSE consultants have a wealth of experience working with companies with a less than “Satisfactory” safety rating, and have successfully upgraded the ratings of many companies.  We will assist you in correcting the issues that lead to the less than “Satisfactory” rating and consult with you to establish effective safety management practices to ensure the issues to not reoccur.  We will prepare and file your request for upgrade and the required safety management plan, drawing upon our experience in knowing what the FMCSA needs to see to upgrade your rating.