Driver On-boarding and Training Services

            CTSE’s philosophy is that effective driver on-boarding and training is the key to lower CSA scores, accident rates, and costly claims.  All CTSE provided training is conducted by talented, experienced, and licensed CDL instructors.  Our on-boarding process includes training on defensive driving, hours of service, pre-trip vehicle inspection, and thorough road test, with the driver/applicant required to demonstrate proficiencies in all key areas.  Other training includes initial and remedy training in:


                        Safe backing, turning, lane changes, and other vehicle maneuvers

                        Hours of Service/Fatigue Management

                        Defensive driving and accident avoidance

                        Conducting Thorough Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspections

                        The CVSA Vehicle Inspection Process

                        Hazardous Materials Training

                        Forklift Operations

                        Alcohol & Drug Testing Supervisor Training